Author: Geraldine Bourbon

  • Trees

    ‘Trees’ 27x39cm Wallpaper liner saturated with water, Quink applied and paper tilted, coloured pencils, posca pen, gouache, neat bleach in bottom left, tipp-ex, white gel pen

  • Suburbia

    ‘Neighbourhood’ 29.7x42cm, 07/03/23, tracing paper fixed onto white cartridge paper, Quink brushed on, compressed charcoal rubbed into Quink, black fineliner, light grey and white polychromos

  • Snow

    ‘Snow’, 29.7x42cm, 16/03/23, gesso, compressed charcoal, Tipp-Ex, black & blue quink & pen, posca pens, coloured pencils.

  • Memory Overload

    ‘Memory Overload’ 26/01/23 29.7X42cm Graph paper, gesso, blue carbon, watercolour, acrylic ink & coloured chalks

  • Forest

    ‘Forest’ 29.7x42cm, 24/01/23 black sugar paper, figures tracing paper cut out coloured with neocolor aquarelle, white chalk, white polychromos pencil, compressed charcoal, black biro &  black fineliner

  • Sofa

    Sofa’ 2/03/23, 29.7x42cm, Quink, black fineliner, tipp-ex, acetate with white gouache, posca pen

  • Marshmallows