We exist in the now creating memories, ephemeral and transitory, on life’s timeline. They are flitting and fading unless we choose to revisit them. Memories, triggered by events, become emotional responses to our everyday environment. Our eyes act like a camera, ears record sound, and our brain processes and stores information as memories.

Geraldine endeavours to explore memory through a wide variety of media, including collage, compressed charcoal, ink, bleach and ink, carbon drawing, correction fluid, tracing paper, graph paper, posca pens and watercolour. Her photographic sources conjured up experimental abstract colours and lines brought on by an inkjet printer coming to the end of its life. Some photographs are more reminiscent of a negative image struck through with lines which were then incorporated into the fabric of her pieces. With these visual references sampled and spliced, refracted light and colour are explored through commonplace objects and events.